We've Launched!

Publish the local news yourself.

The online platform that connects residents who write community news, to an audience of neighbours.

Crowd-sourced news for the people, by the people

The Neighbour News Network is a revolutionary new ‘grass roots’ approach to local news. It’s where the news and views of residents like you gets published to an online audience of neighbours.

Our platform connects people in each suburb so that your contributions, combined with those of your neighbours, produce a compelling local newsfeed for your suburb.

Whether you’re a journalist, blogger, or one of the millions of citizens who love their neighbourhood it’s the place to write about where you live.

Helping local communities take control of their news

Ever had something to say on a local issue, but struggled to get your message out to other residents?

It’s no secret that media ownership in Australia is extremely concentrated. Getting local publicity in traditional media is already a big problem for frustrated residents. It’s only getting worse: suburban newspapers are closing as print declines, robbing many local communities of their unique voice.

The Neighbour News Network is the solution. It puts publishing power back in the hands of real people who belong to your community, not huge corporations who seek to profit from it.

How it works

1. Nominate your suburb.

Sign up in the neighbourhood you call home. Our system connects you to neighbours in your suburb.

2. Write about where you live.

Use our beautiful online editor to publish your news or comment as a blog on your suburb’s community page.

3. Neighbours see your article.

It appears in the newsfeed of all members in your suburb, is indexed by search engines, & may even be syndicated nationally!


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